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We exist within multiple parallel realities at once. Follow the white rabbit and enter the DDS universe. 

You're feeling the juice going through your veins aren't you ?

It's going all around your body, it's giving you the strength, the power. Let yourself slip away and enter the DDS twilight zone. 

This world is limitless, follow our rules or you'll be doomed. 


Be proud, the rabbit chose you, you're the One.

Feel the juice and be a true DDS Member.

The Carrot Juice is the key. It is a polymorphic drink witch looks and tastes like what the person drinking it believe he is drinking.

It will let you enter the DDS universe.

Fluids, chemicals, or Holy Grail, there is no word for its color, it's spectral. Drink the juice, like Alice did it before.

Have a sip of this elixir and fall down into the rabbit hole.

Taste the rabbit's gift, it will guide you to wonderland.